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    Since from 1 July 2019 state authorities in Estonia accept only e-invoices

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    According to Estonian Accounting Act starting from July 1, 2019 the public sector of Estonia can be sent only e-invoices.

    E-invoice is a digital invoice which is transmitted between information systems, e.g. from the company software to the government authority software.

    The public entities to be sent e-invoices as of July 1 are considered to be the state and government authorities, local authorities and local government agencies, other public-law institutions, and foundations, non-profit associations and companies which are governed directly or indirectly by the aforementioned institutions. That includes also the Estonian State Agency of Medicines.

    Foreign organizations can send e-invoices using Peppol-system. Estonian State Agency of Medicines address in Peppol-system is 0191:70003477.

    If foreign organization doesn’t have an opportunity to send e-invoices, they can also send PDF-invoices to our financial unit e-mail addresses and then they will forward these invoices to our system.