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    2019–2022 Development Strategy of the State Agency of Medicines

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    The State Agency of Medicines strategy 2019-2022 is now available in English to.

    The main vision for 2023 of the Agency is a competent and effective agency providing medicines related information and support in an appropriate and convenient manner. 

    Priority development areas and goals of the Agency in 2019–2022:

    • By 2022, have at least five innovative digital services and a plan for further development.
    • We have undertaken to assess three MA applications for biotechnological medicines and review applications for clinical trials using the common EU-wide procedure. We have developed expertise to give scientific advice on biological, biotechnological, and innovative drugs as well as novel health technologies.
    • We have become the main centre of drug information for the general public and stakeholders, and by 2022 we provide information in a more user friendly manner.
    • We only collect and process information that can be used for the benefit of public health. We only engage in activities that are essential and contribute to the protection of public health. We know which regulations should be worded more clearly and which should providea wider margin for discretion. Our workload is distributed more evenly and staff members have time available for self-development.

    The full text of the Development Strategy is in Estonian and can be found HERE.