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    Frequently asked questions about advertising of medicinal products are now available on the website in English

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    Due to the distinctive nature of medicinal products, selling medicinal products and the need to supervise the usage of medicinal products so they would be used in a rational way for the purpose of protecting the public health advertising of medicinal products has been strictly regulated.

    Advertising of medicinal products has to meet the general regulations set in the Advertising Act. The specific regulation concerning advertising of medicinal products is established in the Medicinal Products Act.

    The supervision over the advertising of medicinal products is one of the functions of the State Agency of Medicines. The State Agency of Medicines may issue precepts and impose fines when violations of requirements for advertising of medicinal products occur.

    The State Agency of Medicines does not approve the advertisements of medicinal products beforehand but gives advice on how to interpret legal acts concerning advertising. The interpretations provided by the State Agency of Medicines are not legally binding and abiding by them is voluntary.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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