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Sending of medicinal products

It is prohibited to send anabolic steroids, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, full blood and blood components, cells and tissues for medicinal use and advanced therapy medicinal products.

Medicinal products may be sent to foreign countries or to Estonia only if the sender and the recipient are both natural persons. The medicinal products must be in the manufacturer’s packaging.

You will need a permit from the State Agency of Medicines for sending of medicinal products if one parcel contains more than ten unopened retail packages or the package size of one medicinal product exceeds the following:

  • 200 tablets or capsules
  • 500 grams of powder for solution
  • 500 millilitres of solution for infusion or oral solution
  • 30 ampoules or vials of injectable dosage forms
  • 200 ml or 200 g of medicinal products for external use
  • 200 doses of inhalation preparations
  • 10 units of medicated plasters
  • 50 grams of homeopathic granules

In order to acquire a permit from the State Agency of Medicines, you will have to:

1. Draw up an application in free form with following data:
  • Your name, surname and personal identity code (or in the absence of the latter, date of birth)
  • Your contact data, including e-mail address, phone number and address of your place of residence
  • The name of the recipient or the sender of the parcel (depending on whether the applicant is sending or receiving the parcel)
  • The code of the parcel, country of departure/country of destination
  • List of all the medicines in the parcel (including the trade name, active substance  dosage form and strength, package size and number of packages)
  • In case of prescription medicines you need to attach a signed note from the prescribing doctor confirming the need and prescription of these medicines (in case of medicinal products designated to be used on animals, the veterinarian’s note concerning the need for the medicinal product)
2. Sign the application digitally or print it into paper form and sign by hand
3. Send the application to the State Agency of Medicines:
  • via e-mail to: [email protected] (doctors note can be attached as a regular or scanned copy)
  • via regular mail to: Ravimiamet, Nooruse 1 Tartu 50411

Application for sending of medicinal products:

The State Agency of Medicines issues the permit within 5 working days from receiving the corresponding application. The permits will be sent to you by e-mail or regular mail.

In case of any further questions, please contact the State Agency of Medicines via email address [email protected] or phone (+372) 737 41 40.

Last updated: 28.02.2024