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    The joint meeting of the CMDh and IT Directors in Tartu

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    The joint meeting of the Co-ordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures, Human (CMDh) and IT Directors Group will take place in Tartu on 20 - 22 November 2017.

    The meeting will be held under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

    It is the first time the CMDh and IT directors will have a joint meeting, bringing business and IT people together, as the success IT developments depends on the close co-operation of different parties.

    The joint session will focus on how to use the existing electronic data to simplify the submission administration of marketing authorisations, the need for new developments to decrease the administrative burden for both regulators and industry. The implementation of best practices and modern technological solutions should facilitate the regulatory processes so that the medicinal products could be brought to the market faster.

    Also the Estonian experience in different e-services like e-health and e-prescription will be shared with the EU colleagues.

    CMDh will further discuss the multi-annual work plan, development of guidelines, and organisational issues.

    IT directors will revise the on-going EU IT projects and plan for 2018.

    The meeting will be held in Dorpat Conference centre.