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    A meeting on clinical trials’ environment in Tallinn, November 11

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    The Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Estonia and the Estonian State Agency of Medicines are convening a conference „Clinical pharmaceutical research – opportunities for small and smart“. The event will commence at 11:00 on November 11 in the conference centre of Hotel Forum (Viru Square 3, Tallinn).
    The aim of the conference is to foster the clinical trials and to discuss the opportunities of the different stakeholders to improve the environment for clinical pharmaceutical research with an emphasis on the small country perspective.

    In contrast to the earlier events organised by the same institutions, this meeting concentrates on the role of clinical trials as an element of the knowledge based economy.

    It is a well-established fact the clinical research has been moving out of the Europe and the US mainly towards Asia – the reasons for this are multiple, among others the need to spare both time and money. At the same time, it is inevitable that with the efflux of studies we also lose the resources which otherwise would fuel the economy here and later it is also difficult to contextualize in Europe the results of the studies carried out in markedly different health systems. Many governments are asking themselves if anything can be done to reverse this trend.

    The program of the event is attached. There are 3 sessions, first of which addresses the trends in studies (also analysing the recent experiences in Finland), the second discusses if good quality is enough of an argument to preserve the study activity and the second tries to identify actions different parties can take to create in the region a friendly and inviting environment for clinical pharmaceutical research.
    The speaker panel includes academic physicians, representatives of pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organisations, experts from Finland and the UK. The minister of Economic Afairs of Estonia is addressing the audience with his views on the topic.

    We also hope the guests of the event will take an active role during the sessions providing their input to the discussion and when concluding we shall have gathered plentitude of practical action points to be developed further by the stakeholders.

    The attendance is free but limited by the capacity of the conference room, for participation please send an e-mail to Anneli Tarkmeel (anneli.tarkmeel@rtl.ee) by November 8 at latest.

    Further information is available from Dr Toomas Pruunsild (Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Estonia, Toomas.R.Pruunsild@gsk.com) and Dr Alar Irs (Estonian State Agency of Medicines, Alar.Irs@ravimiamet.ee).