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    Veterinary medicines

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    According to the Medicinal Products Act there are the same general requirements for human and veterinary medicinal products. Veterinary medicinal products are defined as products intended to be used in animals only.  Human medicinal products are allowed to be used in veterinary practice only in cases stated in the legislation.

    The tasks of the Estonian State Agency of Medicines are the following: assessment of marketing authorisation dossiers for veterinary medicinal products and issuing of marketing authorisations (national and mutual recognition procedures), keeping of the register of veterinary medicinal products; control over import, export, wholesale and retail sale of veterinary medicinal products and co-ordination of veterinary pharmacovigilance in Estonia.

    The State Agency of Medicines collects data from veterinary pharmacies that are obliged to submit the reports 4 times a year. According to the data received from veterinary pharmacies it is possible to characterize retail sale of veterinary medicines in Estonia - Pharmacy statistics .

    In addition to human medicinal products market the Estonian State Agency of Medicines compiles statistics about veterinary medicinal products market - Statistics on veterinary medicines .