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New registry of activity licences

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On the 1st of March 2011 the new registry of activity licences was launched.

The public view of the registry gives an opportunity to search and download data by different indicators on pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers of medicinal products. The public view is currently available only in Estonian but will be translated into English by the end of 2011.

Substantial changes took place underneath the public view. Until 2011 the data related to activity licences was scattered in three plain databases and several paper folders, often the same data had to be entered repeatedly. The new system is based on regular workflows, provides built-in processes, and ultimately saves resources of the personnel.

The new system includes the following data and processes:
- data on pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers of medicinal products;
- data on activity licences: applications, decisions, protocols and licences;
- data on inspections: planning, conducting, reports, precepts, misdemeanors etc;
- data on defective medicinal products and the risk management involved;
- data of pharmacies' quarterly reports and statistics.

Public registry of activity licences