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Frequently asked questions

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Which documents can I fill in and send via Client Portal?
The list of document forms available in English and in Estonian can be found here.

How to register?
Before registering take some time to read user manual or "How to register?" and decide which type of user account suits you best. Then click "Register" on the front page of Client Portal and follow the instructions. More detailed information about filling in the sign-up-form can be found under the link "Help" in the top-right corner of the form. You

Do I need an Estonian ID-card to register?
ID-card is needed to open an account for a natural person from Estonia. It is also recommended that enterprises registered in Estonian Central Commercial Register would be registered by their representatives with Estonian ID-card. Foreigners can register as natural persons or enterprises using their e-mail address, ID-card is not needed.

I'm a foreigner. How can I register?
Foreigners without Estonian ID-card should register as foreign natural persons or enterpriseses. You don't need an ID-card for that. In case the documents need original signature, you should print out the confirmation letter provided by the portal, sign it manually and send it to the agency.

Where can I find more information about filling in the forms?
Every document form comes with detailed instructions about how to fill in the form. The instructions can be found under "Help" in the top-right corner of the form.

Can I attach additional documents?
All document forms in the portal allow you to attach additional documents sized up to 10 MB per one document. The file type or number of files is normally not restricted. However, in some cases only certain specific file types are allowed.

Why aren't there marketing authorisation applications in the Client Portal?
The Common European Submission Portal – CESP is used for marketing authorisation applications in EU (https://cespportal.hma.eu/Account/Login). There is no need for national portal.

What is "doctor's application for the use of unauthorised medicinal product"?
This is an application Estonian doctors and veterinarians use to get a permission to use a medicine without a marketing authorisation in Estonia. Foreign clients don't need this application, therefore it's available only in Estonian.

Can several enterprises share the same user account?
Several enterprises cannot share the same user account. If you need to act for several different enterprises, you should consider using natural person's account or make a different user account for every enterprise.

Why can't I log in?
Make sure you have chosen "user name" in the login box and your caps lock is off. If problems persist, contact the agency.

If you're trying to log in with an Estonian ID-card, check if your card is in the reader, then close your browser. Then start your browser and try again. Make sure you have entered your user name - user name is needed even when logging in with ID-card.

Why does Client Portal log me out?
If you're inactive for more than 30 minutes, you will be logged out from the portal. This is for security reasons. The portal warns you about your session ending 3 minutes before logging out. If you see this warning and click "continue" your session will be reactivated and you will be logged in for at least 30 more minutes.

I want to print the document with the acceptance information?
If you open the print-form (printing icon in the top-right corner of the document) you won't see the state of proceeding there. If you need to print out the document with the accepted-sign or other document status, simply choose File - Print from your browser's menu or press CTRL + P on your keyboard.