Pharmacy Statistics

The Bureau of Statistics of the Estonian State Agency of Medicines has the responsibility to collect data from general pharmacies and hospital pharmacies concerning their sphere of activity. The pharmacy statistics based on the quarterly reports of general, hospital and veterinary pharmacies.

Number of Pharmacies

In Estonia, there are three types of pharmacies: general pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and veterinary pharmacies. Pharmacies may have branch pharmacies and a pharmacy-bus as structural units. Licensed general pharmacies can also offer the e-pharmacy service.

No of pharmacies in the beginning of the year






General pharmacies






Hospital pharmacies






Veterinary pharmacies






Overviews of Pharmacy Statistics 

The total turnover of pharmacies has increased during 20 years. In 2021, the total turnover of all pharmacies and their branch pharmacies was 594 million euros.

Turnover of pharmacies 2002-2021

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The overviews describing the professional activities of pharmacies based on the quarterly reports here

In the beginning of 2022, the activity licences had been issued to 499 pharmacies:

  • 475 general pharmacies, including 97 branch pharmacies;
  • 23 hospital pharmacies, including 1 branch pharmacy;
  • 1 veterinary pharmacy.
Number of inhabitants per pharmacy,

in the beginning of 2021 in major cities and counties compared to the Estonian average

 General Pharmacies

The turnover of general pharmacies includes sales of medicines and sales of other goods. The turnover of medicines includes sales of non-prescription medicines, prescription medicines and veterinary medicines. The other goods sold in pharmacies include hygiene products, medical supplies, medical equipment, food additives, cosmetics etc. In 2021, the proportion of medicines and other goods of total turnover was 70% (323 million euros) and 30% (138 million euros), respectively, in general pharmacies.

Turnover of general pharmacies in 2017–2021

The turnover of prescription medicines can in turn be divided into turnover of medicines reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) or not.

Turnover of reimbursed medicines in general pharmacies in 2017–2021

In 2021, 10.9 million prescriptions were handled in general pharmacies. The prescriptions reimbursed by EHIF has the largest proportion (9.2 million prescriptions), and the number of prescriptions without discounts was 1.6 million.

Prescriptions handled by general pharmacies in 2021

 Hospital Pharmacies

In 2021, the total turnover of hospital pharmacies was 133 million euros, with an increase by 8% in total (calculated without VAT).

Turnover of hospital pharmacies in 2017–2021

The turnover of medicines in general and hospital pharmacies was 417 million euros, in 2021. The expenditure on medicines per inhabitant per year was 314 euros in total. The average amount spent by an inhabitant of Estonia on medicines was 110 euros per year. Compared to 2020, the expenditure on prescription medicines increased 1% and the expenditure on non-prescription medicines 3%.

Expenditure on medicines per inhabitant per year, in 2017–2021

Last updated: 05.04.2022