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The first yearbook of the State Agency of Medicines is available in English

04.07.2023 | 13:38

For the first time, the State Agency of Medicines prepared a virtual yearbook, which summarizes the major achievements of the agency last year and provides an overview of the work of each department in 2022. Last year's keywords of the Medicines Board were certainly the war in Ukraine, but also vaccine insurance, various digital developments and international work.
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According to the Director General of the State Agency of Medicines Katrin Kiisk, the completed yearbook is a new and fresh idea, which was implemented in order to consolidate the past year and interactively archive the entire past.

"We have made summaries in the agency's area of responsibility so far by field, publishing statistical yearbooks, summaries of supervision, summaries of side effects and other reviews. All in-depth sectoral reviews will remain in the future, because they provide a more meaningful understanding of the topic. The yearbook summarizes the agency's activities of the previous period in a more concentrated way, but also opens up topics that are not found in previous summaries," said Kiisk.

In addition to the usual summaries, in the yearbook attention is also paid to the achievements and results of laboratory, clinical research, IT developments, as well as international work.

Find the yearbook in English from here: